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Voytek Medical products are designed to lock all patient cables to a desired bedside monitor or roll stand without voiding warranties or modifying equipment. With a variety of options and lengths available, you will be able to find the perfect solution to save your healthcare institution money by securing your investments.



The clasp is opened by simply turning the security screw two revolutions with the supplied security key, the screw is designed to stay captive in the top of the clasp to avoid dropping and losing screws in patient areas. Simply lay your cables into the grooves, close and lock the device to securely protect your cables.



The wall mounting solution attaches to a standard GCX wall channel via a pre drilled hole. Using the supplied tamper proof hardware the device screws to the wall mount in seconds. How do you know what cable length is right for my application? Simple, if you have a GCX M-Series (Fixed Height) arm, the 24 inch cable is the best fit, 36 inch is better used for VHM (Variable Height) style arm.

3 Hole 36 inch GCX Track Mount Bear Trap™ Security Tether

  • Lanyard with Security Key


    1 Per Order 


    For Bulk Ordering 1 Per 10 Units

  • Voytek Medical offeres a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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