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This product is made for Philips X3 monitors, and has been designed with portability in mind. By using the Bear Trap™ Philips X3 Tether on your device you can guarantee all accessories will be returned the way it left your department. Customizable clasp colors are now available, this option will help identify the department that owns the device at a glance.


Five hole clasps include holes for but are not limited to:

-A Universally Compatible Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Hose

-EKG/ECG Cables

-SpO2 Cables

-Invasive Blood Pressure Cable

-Temperature Cable



The clasp is opened by simply turning the security screw two revolutions with the supplied security key, the screw is designed to stay captive in the top of the clasp to avoid dropping and losing screws in patient areas. Simply lay your cables into the grooves, close and lock the device to securely protect your cables.



To install the looping tether, is as simple as opening the top plate, wrapping the wire around the desired handle or object and closing the top plate. This configuration is perfect for defibrillators, mobile monitoring and any device that moves around often.

5 Hole Philips X3 Loop Bear Trap™ Security Tether

  • Lanyard with Security Key


    1 Per Order 


    For Bulk Ordering 1 Per 10 Units

  • Voytek Medical offeres a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

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